The Hardest Thing: Accept or Let Go?

Many people said that the hardest thing that you can accept is to know the truth of something inconvinient. The world is also saying that to you. In my life i have seen so many dissapointed faces when it comes to the truth, many unpleased feeling and that's just from incompetency to accept. They don't want to accept the real thing. They go through the denial phase. I am sure many of you that read this blog have the same feeling as almost half of world population feel. Karena banyak orang yang memang gak suka dan gak mau menerima kenyataan. But it's not me. 

For me the hardest thing is not accepting things, but in the other way around, the hardest thing for me to do is to let things as they gone from my life. Yup! Menurut gue hal yang paling sulit gue lakuin adalah ngelepasin sesuatu. If i don't have it from the beginning, of course i'll be sad, but hey it's life, right? We don't always get what we want. I will be fine. But to let go of something?? Uh oh, it's a different things my brother. Gak gampang untuk bisa ngelepasin gitu aja sesuatu yang tadinya ada di kehidupan lo untuk terus hilang. It's not that easy. Because first, the memories that you have is lingering every damn time. This is the truth. One day, i have to moving from my old house to my new house which is smaller than my old house. We have to cut down as much as possible things that we don't really need anymore and give it to the neighbour or just sell it in the flea market. At that time, i have so many things from my childhood that i like. Every single things have memories within. I almost cried (literally) when i decide to give half of my toys to the neighbour kids. But it happens and must be done. As time passed by fortunately, i feel fine. I can't even remember how many things that i gave that time. I am already LET GO. Second, why this things is so hard to do is because it's just natural for human like us to have urge for having everything. Every single thing whether it's important or not. 

I know it's hard but i tell you guys. This thing must be done. Hal yang satu ini wajib kamu kuasai setiap sisinya dan seluk beluknya. Kalau pun kamu belum perlu sekarang, tapi nanti pasti akan ada masanya dimana kamu harus ngelepas. We always be a bird in a cage if we don't let things go. Gak akan bebas. Gak akan tenang dan hidup kita akan terus dihantui rasa bersalah, rasa sedih, takut. Tapi sekali kita melakukannya, we can be free again. Beban didalam hati lu bakal hilang serta merta seiring lu rela ngelepas itu. So guys, let it go for pekerjaan yang belum bisa lu dapetin, let it go for kesempatan beasiswa yang gagal lu dapetin, let it go for mantan pacar yang udah punya pacar baru yang lebih keren dari lu, let it go for orangtua yang udah nggak ada di sisi lu, let it go for anak-anak yang udah nggak nemenin lu, let it go for kesempatan yang udah lu lewatin, dan let it go for jalan yang nggak lu ambil untuk hidup lu. Percaya guys, ketika lu udah bisa let it go for all your burden, you will finde another way to fill in your memories and make your life in line lagi. Have a good day, guys! :)