About Rizzo

 "Hello, it's Rizzo! 👋🏽" 

I am guy from Bandung, Indonesia who is happened to be an oil field specialist working around the globe figuring out how to put stuff into the earth so we can produce cleaner and bigger amount of resources while secretly devising a plan about having a food truck in Australia 🌮🍟🥪

Writing is my outlet to spill out what's going on in my head and as a way to keep tab on myself. Do not want to sound presumptuous though! #fingercrossed  but it works!

I really enjoy a good deep conversation with friends and that is why i create this blog. I hope when i share my stories, someone on the other side there will be excited to share theirs as well! and with that, the conversation will keep going and we can have that one virtue of being human: to connect. 

I love a heartfelt movie, a book that "talks" to you, sad and depressing songs, and minimalism.

When i am not out and about for work (either in the middle of ocean or literally nowhere in bushland or jungle) or doing some hobbies, you'll find me swimming with fishes in the ocean or in my room trying to beat another title of video games from my never ending backlogs.

Cheers! 🍻