Life Is Moving On :)

I am sorry if this post is taking too (very much) long time to be posted on my blog. It is because simply my life is moving on :)

'Moving on' means that I am able to open a whole new experience and a lot of new world out there. To be able to grow, to learn something new (learn to smoke! Yippiee!!), to make new friends, to know more than all you have in your life before. People always associating 'Moving On' with something to do when your life goes bad, when your heart broken but to me, 'Moving On' has different meaning. Its just the way of thinking by the way, the-positive-think way :)

In couple last posts I have already told you that I got in to this great company, which is the international company, so it means this company present in almost all over the world. The second I got into this company, my whole world changes. I remember when I graduated from college I really wanted to go deep into broadcasting world, being news anchor, announcer, TV broadcasting instead taking engineering as career opportunity although engineering is my background (I know it's weird, D'oh!). It's my passion though, to speak my mind to the world through broadcasting world. But one thing led to another, here I am in the engineering track, working in the oil and gas world. It's funny when you already wanting to do something so hard and suddenly life just give you another option.

It's always pretty depressing on the beginning but as soon as you know all the adventure waiting for you, you will not say 'No'. It happens to me. When I got recruited, I doubt a little bit. Can I survive in this job? Is it the best job for me? And lucky me, I can answer all those question with YES! So I take a chance and didn’t regret it even tiny bit of it. A wise man said, "sometimes you will not regret the chances that you didn’t take, but you will regret why you didn't brave enough to try to take a chance."

It's takes a little while to re-adapt with your new world but hey, it's normal. Take your little step. You might not always have to see all the stairs you climb in to, you just have to take a step to the top. As simple as that. Who knows changes can be so great? Always gives room in your mind and heart for opportunities guys. Always ready for change because this life is not static, it's dynamic. Moving on all the time. So, it's on you now whether it will be you running with the world beside you or the world will running and leave you behind. Cheers!

P.S : I am leaving Indonesia for awhile and go to Abu Dhabi, UAE! See you there!