There was 2017, Here is 2018

the leap of faith :D

There was 2017.
Another year in my yet finished journey

January 2017
Is a year when I learned the hard way to let go
Is when I had to let go
Is when I learned that losing the loved ones is capable to make you dead inside
Is when I learned that being empty inside is a real thing
Is when I realize that tears cannot even contain my sadness anymore
Is when I know I had to put it in the box as always
Is when I realize being a strong ones is sucks

Rest in peace, Mother…

February 2017
Is when I know that nobody will understands you except yourself
Is when I know that no matter how sad and broken you are, you can choose to keep It in yourself.
Is when I know that my mask is still attached stronger than ever
Is when I learned that moved on is something you have to do to yourself, not for anybody
You only can move on, if you want to move on

March 2017
Is when I lose another best friend of mine
Is when I find the heartbreak of losing a friendship
Is when I know I am right to say, "she don't deserve you"
Is when I understand no matter how close I am with someone, he/she will eventually leave or go, I am lone wolf inside
Nothing I can do to make everyone understand how I feel
Parting ways with your best friend is always the most hurting, by the way.

Is when I travel to east side of the Indonesia
Is when I found the true beauty of Indonesia
Is when I cut my left palm by a coral at the sea
Is when I promise to be back at the sea again

April 2017
Is when I accept that we were through
Is when I know I am waaaaayyyy more quiet than before
Am I changing? Do sadness and sorrow makes me dull?

May 2017
We are still not talking to each other
I got new things to do at work
So do you

Got a new smartphone!
Trying Xiaomi brand for the first time and overall the experience is great!

June 2017
Wish I can skip this month
Is when every happy moments hurts like much
How can those moments turned into such a cruciating moments to be remembered?

Is when I am trying hard to find every possible reason to stay sane
To stay in my job, to stay being in my life

July 2017
Is when I realize I want it back in my life
Is when I first say sorry to you, and you say sorry too
We were amended. We are a thing once again.
I happy. So do you.
Is when I know we are going to be best friends for long

Is when I know that pride and ego is lonely
Is when I learned that putting your ego and pride aside is not a shameful things to do
Is when l learned that every relationship is worth to be fighting for

August 2017
Happy time! We met again after 5 month of not talking to each other.
Is when my cousin get married!
Is when I know that family matters
Is when I try to opening myself up to outside world, try to let people coming
Is time to changing this mood

September 2017
Just meh

Is when I apologize with one of my old best friend
That friend who got away
At least I am being honest

The last time I went to the cinema this year.
I told myself I will not coming back until their upped their rules
Unless it's night time, when no children or pre-teen can be seen
Unless everyone who are watching are aware of ratings
Unless no kids in adults movie! No pre-teen in adults movie!

Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith is released!
I never feel so acknowledged by a song in particular but this one
It is the soundtrack of my life from now on.

October 2017
Is when I drifted away in my own mind
Kind of don't know where to go
Feeling disoriented? Want to quit my job? Trying to find a new pace?
This month is weird, man

November 2017
Never good with any woman before
And this one is nothing different.
Is when know that I am helpless with girls
You broke a woman's heart years ago and promise to never let it happen again
But your silence just tear another one
Well, guess what, thank you for making me realizing something : stay away from girls, Rizaldi! Until you are ready to protect hearts.

Is when I understand my introversion better
Glad to know myself better

Is when I know that opening up to someone is hurt
Is when I know people can sometimes be forceful
Is when I have to realize that kindness is can be translated to any kinds of things by a strangers
Killing with kindness is real

When I know, for sure, I ain't got the time for those romantic feeling
I hope you can be happy without me
When I learned : Do not open up yourself to stranger! You will overwhelmed with the things you cannot handle.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is released, y'all!! #pokemonfanboi

Me being a base leader/manager for the first time

December 2017
Got so much experience to feel
Got so much lesson to learn
Got so much problem to solve
Got so much emotion to buried under

I walk the walk
I talk the talk
Lesson learned
And realize, 2017 isn't too shabby at all

there was 2017, and here is for 2018!