Day 20 : Write about Today (Do I Look Like a Foreigner?)

picture by Nareeta Martin (via
    Okay. I'll admit, I already talked about this couple times in my social media. I mean, every time I experienced this whole ordeal again usually I will go straight to my twitter or Instagram and write about it. It is actually quite ridiculous. So the thing is, now, local people often times recognize me as a 'bule' aka 'foreigner' ever since I moved to Australia. Okay let's talk about it.


    Now, before I elaborate further on this matter, take a look on this picture of me wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and a cap.


    Now, please tell if this outfit is actually something that a foreigner aka non-Indonesia would wear? I mean, you could say yes but this isn’t this one of the most universal attire? It is just a t-shirt and a shorts. Nothing more, nothing less. But, I am telling you the amount of people asking if I am actually Indonesian or not is just bizarre.


    Like today, there is one girl that looks like she is collecting charity from people at the mall. She looked at me and decided to approach me. And the first question she ask me was, "Sorry, do you speak Indonesian?" Mind you, I am not loudly speaking in English or showing anything that makes people thinks I am a foreigner. When I answered that yes, I can speak Bahasa Indonesia, she was surprised! She then told me that she thought that I am a foreigner based on the outfit and vibe/attitude. In my head I was like,  "What's so foreign about a t-shirt and shorts? Are you implying that Indonesian people don't wear t-shirt and shorts? What do you mean?"


    I honestly think about this many times. I mean, I don't dress differently. I am still using normal clothes for God's sake.  But what is it that makes people come up to me and say I don't look like local people? Is it because I use body fit clothes and not oversize? It is because 'the attitude' or 'the vibe'? And if yes, then what is the 'foreigner's vibe'?


    Recently I talk about this to one of my good friend. He then said this to answer my question. He said, "Riz, I think what makes you looks like a foreigner is just the fact that you wear body fit clothes and you showed a good body shape which is not super skinny and we can see a bit of muscle on your body." He continues, "Yes, Indonesian wear the same outfit but usually either they are skinny or they got some belly situation. Plus, Indonesian rarely wears body fit clothes. Most of them are oversized."


    So what do you think? Do you agree with my friend's theory?  If you see me in person wearing that kind of outfit, will you think that I am a foreigner too? Let me know!



Cheers! 🍻