Day 19 : My Celebrity Crush

picture by Leonardo Sanchez (via unsplash)


    When I read about today's topic, I was laughing. In my head, I was thinking, "should I expose myself to the world and let them know my celebrity crush?" but in the spirit of writing challenge, I'll do it. It'll be fun! Who knows maybe some of you got the same crush as me! Let's find out!


    Okay. Here we gooo..



    I think these two are my first female celebrity crush



    These two beautiful women are the dreams for young adult Riz back in the days. Katy Perry? Especially in black hair?? OOH! And Emilia with those EYEBROWS?? YES! There's something about their persona that radiate innocence and playful energy that I really like about them.


    Fast forward years later, adult Riz already develop some other taste in women (LOOOOL). Okay. Disclaimer first, I didn't quite like Kristen Steward when she first came out to the hollywood as lead actress in Twilight. I thought she was just okay. But as her filmography grow and I get to see her acting skill developed overtime, I am actually fall for Kstew now. It's when I saw her in short hair for new charlie's angel movie, that the moment that I put this emoji 😍 on my face. And last but not least, it's Ms. Dakota Johnson. Same with Kstew, at first it was just a normal respect for new actress but something struck me. Dakota kinda have this mysterious vibe that she is not showing in front of the camera. And that's really hot. Like you don't know what she's like behind the curtain (*blushing uncontrolably). Haha.. Okay I gotta stop now before this get any more steamy.





    I am all for inclusivity here. LOL. I have to admit, these male celebrity got me hooked to whatever they are playing on screen or on stage. Maybe I just like their charisma as a person.


    If you have been following me for a while, you would know that I really like Glee the tv series, so it's obvious when young Riz also charmed by the actors on it as well. It's Mr. Cory Monteith for me. Somehow I feel like he will be a really great big brother. Maybe it's because my longing feeling to have a big brother? But I like his acting enough to get him the place on this race.



    Now for the grown up Riz, these two are occupying the stage for me. For Chris Martin, it's kinda similar with Cory. If you followed Chris Martin and Coldplay and watch their interviews, tv screening, and so on. You will see that this guy got a really fun and kind personality. Watching him is just fun! The other one is kinda recent. It's Mr. Glen Powell. First I saw him was in Scream Queen tv series as one of the supporting cast. Since I drop the show after couple of episode in season one, I haven't seen him acting anywhere else. Fast forward to 2022 when top gun : Maverick released. I didn't know that he is in it. But after I saw his acting on that movie, damn, I was so impressed! And nothing more need to be said! He's earned his place.




So there you go. That is my celebrity crush.

Now I wanna know who's yours?