Day 18 : Write about LOVE

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    I wanted to share this personal thought of mine, about LOVE. Usually when we love something, let it be a person, a job, a pet, we tend to think we want to be with it as long as we want. We would think we will be the happiest person in the word when we can be together forever with the things we love and it is true. Some people have it that way and they're they happiest they can be.


    But in all honesty and full modesty of reality, I believe love is a balanced mix between taking in/getting and letting out/giving. It may sound weird, but when you think about it, you can't love something without having knowledge of how bad is it to lose it. You probably now think about things or person in your life that you don't mind losing them, and says, "yeah, but I still love them."


    Well, In my opinion, for those things I mentioned before, you probably just really like them, but you just don't like them enough to love them. I will give you some example, have you ever seen someone keep using some old thing like old phones, old vehicles and refuse to get rid of it even though they already using another thing with the same purpose. They will say something like, "I'd rather losing this new thing than my old ones." it's because they love the one that they hate to lose and just really like the one they don't mind to lose.


    And this is even already taught to us often times by the wise man saying, "you don't know what it's worth until you lose it."


    Some will say it's easy to keep material things like vehicles, clothes, shoes, any other thing with us and we don't have lose it. No, it's the same thing with people. Sometimes when you love something you need to let it go instead of keeping it with you without any value at all. Especially in Islamic teaching, there is a lesson and advice to give your most loved possession to charity and that is the greatest charity of all. And I feel that is such a good teaching and in line with my interest of minimalism. When we have something that we love so much, we tend to put them away to the side and instead of using it as they were meant to be used, as their function we just put them to the display. Just think about it, instead of just being a space invader in your place, you can give it away and let someone use it. After all, love is a feeling and emotion we have and keep in our heart and not something physical. We are capable to love something even long after we don't have them anymore. Thus explaining the fact we can still feel love toward our deceased parents, partners, children, pets. Love it's not only about possessing things, but also about not-possessing things at the same time.


    This can be more clear if we think about people. Person who we love. I swear, I think it's so much better if we can stay with the person we love forever until we die. But unfortunately that is not the case. You would think the best scenarios is going to be you die together with all your loved ones, so no one will be hurt. I am just going to call it now, that is f*ckn impossible. It's always one or another, either you lose someone or someone loses you. And that's okay. Think about it this way, when you love someone so much, you have to be ready about losing them. But because of that, you will cherish every moment, every activity you have done together with them. You'll be able to appreciate them more than usual because you know this isn't forever. Same thing with your significant others. If you love each other so much but you know with every feeling in your guts that the relationship doesn't do any good to both of you anymore, then losing them is the right thing to do if we do love them. Because by letting them go from the relationship prevent them to be the worst version of themselves much longer.


    So yeah, that's my two cents about love. What about you? What is your two cents about love that you can share to the world?


Cheers! 🍻