Perjalanan Menjadi Penyiar Radio

Sunday, December 18, 2011
9:41 AM
Hmm… today's main topic is I finally have an audition on M-Radio. *sigh, after I thought I was never be able to pass that selection. Well, I must admit I was very excited when I knew that this morning. And I am getting more happier because I know that I with (approximately) 27 other people were the chosen over more than 100 people who is also apply for this job..
And about the audition. I must admit too I surely did a couple dumb things back there. FYI, today's audition is divided into two section. Section 1 is technical interview and the section 2 is about company loyalty interview. Well, from the first section I was told that : "I AM AN INCONSISTENT PERSON AND I AM THE MR. KNOWING IT ALL". Sad? Upset? Maybe. But, you know what after all being said by them, I didn't feeling sorry at all. Maybe I should thank them. Because of them I know my weak side so that I can improve myself even better. So?? … I guess I just could smile. :)

And for the second interview? Well, I surely say that I get this one. Mr. Agus was very calm and charismatic back there. Makes me so calm and comfortable. So, I guess I get his attention! ;) and after all the steps were done. They told me to come home and wait for another call. And when I get the call, that means I pass the test. And I will be the next announcer. But, until this time. My mobile phone just being silent. No message received, neither a call..
Seriously, what I've been thinking right now is, is okay to me if I didn't pass the selection. It's okay if I'm failed. Because I'm sure that there is even better plan that God has that waiting for me there (is it right, God?;) ). But now I feel just like a loser. Every time I failed I always say that thing. So, which one I must do God?? Believing in YOU 100% or just struggling as hard as I can???
Am I sad now? I don't know either, pal..

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
5:51 PM
FINALLY!!!! I got my answer!!! You know what??? I am accepted as a radio announcer in M-RADIO!!!!!! WOW!! Can you imagine that??? I pass the audition.. :')
It's very surprising message though.. I didn't expect it before, but Alhamdulillah (a lot!) I get it!!!
Whoo… keep on trying, keep on believing guys.. God always know us and make anything depends on ourselves..
Just very happy tonight.. Even I can't sleep very tight. I am too excited about this! Alhamdulillah Ya ALLAH… :')
PS : ternyata Bang Zacky bilang gini, kita nyari penyiar yang SOK TAHU. Kemaren bahkan gue dibilang SOK TAHU. Jadi is it mean that I am going well on this.. ;)
Today's line : "always have dreams and do whatever it takes for that dreams to comes true. But remember, God always knows what best for us... "