Day 14 : Describing My Style

picture by Amanda Vick (

    When reading about the topic, I was thinking what kind of style does it refer to? Is it my fashion style? Learning style? Dating style? Or What? And since I am not really in a mood of of writing something "heavy" I will just take this easy and go for describing my style in clothing.


    Back me up on this guys, but I definitely believe most of the people would have 'phases' in their personal style. It is very rare that someone stays the same for the long as they live without the want to change something. So am i. growing up, I am talking about teen/adolescent age, my personal style is preppy. I am that kid who is always dress up properly. I got my school uniform all tidy and pressed. It's really by the book. Never really understand why people end up wearing t-shirt and jeans for the rest of their lives over other clothing piece which is clearly looks better. Comfort is not my priority yet. So in my younger years, you will easily find me wearing suspenders, knitted vest, cardigan, etc. something like this:


    As I grow older, I wasn't dress to impress that much anymore. This is when comfort is taking over. I would value comfort over looks. While I still do like to suit up and putting my jackets on, my personal style is pretty much shifted from elaborate to basic. I would choose a white t-shirt and a black short over a button down and a pair trousers. One more thing I notice is that I would wear less color than before. I am drawn more to neutral colors like white, black, and grey over others. I still do have color in my wardrobe, but it mostly pastel colors like earth color, moss green, navy, peach, etc. it’s not super bright color anymore. So you would most likely catch me in these outfits now:

    I don't know what it is, but I never thought I that would actually turning something that I am sworn not to be back then. I was so sure that there's no way I would give up dress up brightly and use colors instead of just stick to the basic but hey, look at me know. Maybe it's an age thing, maybe it got something to do about being more mature. Maybe it has something to do with the feeling or fulfillment in yourself. Like you are now prioritizing more important and essential things around you rather than catering trivial things like other people's comments and opinions.


    This might not the end goal for me either, who knew that maybe in couple years I will be really into sporty style or using suits/sport jackets/blazer or even back to preppy. Until that time comes, I think I'll stick to this style a little bit more. I like this one. 


Cheers! 🍻