Day 15 : If I Could Run Away, Where Would I Go?


photo by Derek Thompson (

    Writing this post down is kind of weird for me, because a. I haven't think of the time that I want to just run away, and b. If I do have a place to go, doesn't writing it down will give it away and people can easily find me? #dilemma HAHA


    For the sake of writing this scenario down, I will have two options. One that is most likely to happen since it is quite easy for me to go there and the other one, not so much since it would requires me to have a visa. So, it you cannot find me anywhere in my workplace or at home or in my city I lived, chances are: I probably be dead or I am actually running away and start fresh somewhere. If you really want to find me, you will have big chance to catch me in these two places:


  1. Labuan Bajo, Flores

It's not a big town. So I think it’s pretty easy to look for me. You would most likely see me working in the water, whether as a tour guide or dive instructor with tourists. I think that's what I wanna be when I am old, just move to a coastal city and register myself as an instructor. So I can spend my old days diving around every day, soaking all the goodness of sun, and meeting new people every day enjoying life. There's something calling me in the water that makes me wanna do it for the rest of my life. If I decided I have had enough with city and urban life, a quiet coastal city would be my top of choices.



  1. Queensland, Australia or somewhere in New Zealand or somewhere in Netherlands

Within these choices of place, you would find me working and living in a farm. I could picture myself, if I want to leave all my city life, I want to start a new working side to side with nature in a farm, planting crops, fruits, veggies and far from modern life. The idea of calm and serene and simple life is really interest me. It is arguably the best way of life but to the individuals only.



    The fact that both of the options are something far from the big city can really tell something isn't it? Haha.. While I do like my big city life, I have to admit, living in the concrete jungle like that it's like surviving for the fittest. You can't lower your guard down or you'll be killed. It's a constant hustle out there. And by the time you can catch a breath, it's freaking lonely. Is this a sign for me to move away from the crowd???


 Cheers! 🍻