Day 16 : Ways to Win My Heart


    I feel like I shouldn't write this down since this is basically like giving away cheat code on 'how to win Riz over' LOL! Of course, I am kidding. At the same time, I think this is necessary as well cause I am getting tired of people telling me that my standard of a partner is too damn high and I would never find someone for me.


    Let me be clear. First of all, up to this day, I have no physical criteria whatsoever in looking for a partner. Means that if I like them, I like them. They don't have to have any specifics. Second of all, I care more on the attitude and personality of the person. So, if that means that I have a high standard then so be it. After all having a high standard is not wrong or bad.


    I have to think to answer this question. I thought answering this will be easy and I got my answer on the tip of my tongue already at any time. But boy, I was wrong. After several minutes of thinking, I got the answer! And it's much simpler than I thought it would be. The way to win my heart is to impress and able to challenge me.


    Means that I would be very attracted to a person if they can show me that there is something that they're doing it better than me. Smarter than me. Wiser than me. More diligent than me. I guess this is comes from my understanding of a life partner should be. They should add values to each other. So I like it very much when they have something that I can't do, cause that means that if we get together either they can show me new things or we can learn it together.


    Other than that, I need someone that could keep up with my wit. Means, that someone who can win my heart over is around the same state of mind as me. So I want whenever me and my future partner talk about something, at least both of us already be in the same basic understanding of things. This may sound rude, but sorry, I simply don't wanna have a dumb partner. This is totally fine and it's just a preference. I got so many friends who probably think the opposite of me. Because they want to take care of their partner too much and they want to be 'slightly superior' than their partner, but that's not me. I am not saying that I will neglect my partner, it's just, I don't want someone who can easily becoming dependent to another person. There's a fine line between caring because we need to and because we want to. I want to take care of my partner because I want to, but I know if I can't take care of them for any reason they will be just fine without me. It's different when people take care of their partner because they literally need to, because their partner simple choose that they can't do certain basic things. (PS: I am referring to any 'able bodied' people who just refuse to do things. I wouldn't say such things to any 'disabled' people.


    So, it's simple: impress me and show me that you're an independent person of your own. If you can show me that, you'll win my heart in no time.


Cheers! 🍻