Day 2 : Things That Make Me Happy


Hmm.. this going to be an interesting one. Okay, let's start listing the list! Here are the things that make me happy 😊
  1. When my day goes exactly how I planned it to be
  2. When somebody says "I miss you"
  3. When I walking down the street and see no trash on the street
  4. When somebody finishing a food I cook for them or give to them
  5. When I completed my morning routine
  6. Bright sunrise and mellow sunset
  7. Anything vanilla and caramel
  8. When the song I like got played on the radio/shopping center/public spaces
  9. When somebody shares their life story with me and trust me as their person to talk to
  10. A big warm hug
  11. When I finally beat that Cuphead  level after dying 100 times
  12. Deep and big questions
  13. Smart people
  14. When somebody ask me. "How are you today?"
  15. Got a nice genuine thank you / people showing appreciation of you
  16. Getting an extra egg yolk from my sister whenever we dine out
  18. After a good gym session or a run
  19. Clean beach and swimming in the calm ocean
  20. When someone remember my birthday not from social media reminder
  21. Seeing people following the rules
  22. Waking up by the smell of good coffee
  23. Finding people in the internet with similar interest and can relate to each other
  24. Greeting "Good Morning" to the listener during morning radio show
  25. Getting something or receiving gifts with Bulbasaur (the Pokemon) theme/print
What about you? What are the things that make you happy? 
 Cheers! 🍻