Day 6 : Single and Happy

    I don't really know what to write about this. Although I have been single and happy as long I remember, but what about it that worth to be written about? Let's think.


    I feel like people always combining these two words together and make it a 'thing'. It being said too often in conversation. 


"oh you're single and happy now? Lucky you!"

"look who's single and happy now?"

"mate, stay single and happy for as long as you could"


    Although this have some truth in it, but that not exclusively true either. In my opinion, it’s just a matter of how you look at it. People who says you're 'single and happy', most likely to be in a relationship whether it's a marriage situation or just a boyfriend/girlfriend situation. Part of it because they "lose" their freedom of some sort or cannot do things that their single ass have done before. But that's completely fine. If you wanting to enter a relationship while still wanting to have the same full freedom as when you're single, then you're doing it wrong. I am telling you now. If you are committing yourself to a relationship, it's now the matter of two person instead of just one.


    Now, on the other hand. According to the single people out there (me included LOL), being single is not always equal happiness. There are TONS of single and desperate people out there. Like they are really want to have a partner so much that they're eager to exchange their single freedom for a partner.


    Having experience in both of the spectrum there, LOL, I would say, it's all about balance. Finding a sweet spot in the middle so when you're single you're not indulging yourself too much with the stuff you want (have some inhibition, mate!) and when you're in a relationship you will not come off as rude and selfish douchebag.


PS: to all the married people who told me to stay single as long as I could, what's up with your married life? Are you not happy? Is this some underlying message going on? Tell me! 😝


Cheers! 🍻