Day 5 : My Parent

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    Before we dive in, I have a confession to make. When I saw the topic for today's writing challenge, I was almost wanting to skip today or choose another topic. Talking about my parents is something I hardly do these times. Knowing they are no longer with us here already giving me a hard time let alone if I have to remember the memories about them or talking about them in particular. So I almost never talk about them anymore, even with my sister. I shy away from the topic and usually quickly brush it off and talk about different topic immediately. Yes, I know keeping that kind of emotion is not considered healthy, but I just can't bring myself to talk about them anymore or even think about them. I'll be okay though. I just need to make myself ready somehow.


    But, I am a good sport. In the spirit of honoring their legacy, I will talk about my parents. I want to talk about them that made me into who I am today. I want you to know them. Now folks, meet Susi and Johan.


    They are just like a typical Indonesian couple. My mom excels in cooking and managing our home, Dad is just typical working man who works from morning to evening and even do field trips (means he will not at home for couple of days even weeks sometimes). Safe to say, Mom was an Indonesian poster girl at that era. She's pretty, fit, really good at cooking, well mannered, and (surprised!) has a career as train stewardess/attendant. Even I am a little bit surprised when we heard that from our Aunty. We almost never know that Mom had such a career before decided to leave her work to become a full time housewife. Almost forgot to mention that Mom's family is a military one. Granddad serve in the army, so growing up my Mom had to move city a couple times following where granddad got stationed. Despite of that, none of his children (including my mom) decided to follow his path and joining the force.


    Now Dad is a little bit interesting. Dad is such an old school stereotypical male. We are talking about hyper-masculine type of guy. Growing up his life full of fights, adventures, night trips and parties, and girls! He never shy when he told me the story of how many girlfriends that he had during high school and college. Once he told me, he has had girlfriend from almost all of Indonesia ethnicity. Talks about a heart-breaker here, LOL. Later that he knows, fast forward to when his second child was born, that only son of his grew into this book type geek, neat who is awkward around girls. He was an architect by the way. And oh, while Mom is a daughter of military soldier, Dad is a son of Policeman. Funny thing about granddad from dad, none of this children following his footstep as a law enforcer as well. To make it even funnier, none of grandad's grandsons join the force or becoming a policemen.


    Knowing their traditional background, I was expect them to act and taught us the traditional way. But that's not the case with mom and dad. From what I feel as their son, they are actually quite progressive and open about new things. Not saying that they are really that big of an open minded person, but it's just enough for them not to enforce certain societal norms to their children. Looking back, I was most impressed with Dad. Based on his upbringing, I was assuming that he wants his only son to be just like him. A typical manly male. That is not simply case. Knowing that I am not really into sports, not much of a playboy, almost never got in fight, good in crafts and arts, likes to read and helping mom cooks, and even knowing that I am the leader of the school traditional dance team, my Dad never even once says to me to conform to that "stereotypical masculinity" traits. He never asks me to quit dance team. He never asks me to go out and play soccer. He simply just there and watching over me and trying to support his children as much as he could. Even when we are all grown up, he still doing that. One time I kind of trying to see how far I can push my Dad's limit. I grew my hair out, I let it grow long. Then I dyed my hair red. Then brown, then green. I expect my Dad will eventually ask me to cut my hair and stop coloring my hair, but to my surprise again he told me the complete opposite. He once said that he likes me better in long hair. He said I look good in long hair and red really suits me and told me to never go black again.


    If I can have just one regret, it will be my parents time in this world. I regret they cannot see where am I right now. How big their son has become and how much of a man he is now. So much my life experience I wish to share with them but I would never able to. There is so much story to share. Mom and Dad, how I miss you so much. Rest in peace, both of you :')