Rizzo's Making A Comeback : 30-days Writing Challenge

Hello it's Rizzo! After taking a really long hiatus of writing (yeah, too long mate), I finally ready to make a comeback this year! since i do believe i will need this more than i can think of. Especially during these mentally challenging years (yeah, i don't have to remind us about pandemic okay?). So what's better than starting with a fun writing challenge, right?

I am going to do 30 days writing challenge to sort of reinvigorating my love of writing. Hard for me to admit it but it got so crowded up there in my brain sometimes but can't seem to write it down easily. Most of the time, i ended up stopping in the middle of the write just because i don't quite like the writing.


So, with this fun challenge, I hope i can rebuild my daily writing habit and hopefully can get better in the process. Here we go. No more hesitation, won't think too much, just gonna write.


Very excited to start this challenge! I'll See you there in each post for the next 30 days! #WritingChallenge