Day 4 : Place I Want to Visit

photo by Rafael Rudnik (

    We're on day 4 of the writing challenge now. It's going great so far and i am liking it. Alright, let's just get back into today's challenge about the place I want to visit.


    If I am going to be honest with you, I would probably say something like New York or Tokyo because those two cities are still on top of my list to visit. But for this one, I will say, the place I want to visit is either Norway, Switzerland, or Finland. Notice that Europe theme LOL. Why, you ask? What these three country have in common? If you're guessing SNOW then you are absolutely correct!!


    I have been so lucky in my life that my job allows me to literally travel around the world (and to honest the monthly pay is good for occasional travel on the side as well). I have visited the dry hot dessert in the Middle East to the bushland in Australia. I have visited the big metropolitan cities to the small villages in the middle of nowhere. I have worked in a hot, dry and/or humid air to the chilly air during the winter. BUT, I have yet encounter SNOW! In my 30 years of living in this earth, still I have never experience snow in real life. even I just experienced my first ever hailing storm earlier this year. Haha..


    To be fair, as an Asian guy, born and living in the hot/humid country, being able to experience snow feels like one of our dream. Do we like it? Will we be able to stand the cold? And that's my friend, the reason why I am still searching for the opportunity to visit those snowy places someday. Hopefully, I can cross out this from my bucket list before I am actually kick the bucket myself.


Until then, gotta keep dreaming!


P.S: Gotta go skiing at least ONCE in my life! 🏂🏽


 Cheers! 🍻