Day 10 : Happiness is...

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    I used to think that people always believe that happiness is this grand and big things like money, career, possession, achievement. I kinda understand though, who doesn’t feel happy when having those things, right? But as I grow older and becoming less idealistic and more realistic and pragmatic, I have this understanding that it isn't those things. It's actually the littlest, the most minute things sometimes enabling you to feel happy whether you realize it or not. It's the air your breathe, the cells inside your body functioning properly, it's the morning breakfast that Mom used to prepare for us before school, it's the cheeky pinch by your significant others whenever you make them feel embarrassed. If you think that I am going to stop here, no I won't.


    I am in my 30s now. Not saying that by living on this earth for three decades gave me enough wisdom but it'd be sure gave me a lot of experiences. Then one time, I try to think again what is happiness and only to remember my "previous" understanding of happiness is the littlest and look less important ones. But this time, instead of agreeing, I feel something is not fit. Who am I to tell other about the definition of happiness? I am not a saint, not a prophet, not someone holy, so I can't just put a definition of something abstract and open.


    If you ask me right now, I can proudly say, what is happiness? It is simply whatever you want it to be. Someone happiness doesn't have to be the same as other people and I believe it should never be the same. People can and rightfully allowed to define their own happiness. Doesn't matter how ridiculous, tacky, cheap, or even how expensive it is. It's their own happiness. Other people don't get to have a say on that. Unless your happiness is killing other human being then you are clearly a psychopath and you should go to the police and turn yourself in. yes, of course, in this world we are living, being freely showing things what makes us happy inside is a privilege that not all human being on earth have. So, if you think you have that privilege, then happiness is up to you.


    Me? What is happiness? It's quite easy! For me happiness is the sound I hear when I open my eyes first thing in the morning, it's the prickling sunshine through my eyes when I am at the beach, it's my mother's warm hug, it's my Dad stern advice, it's the feeling of calm whenever I dive to the ocean, it's the feeling I feel when somebody says they love me, it's the taste of sweet vanilla and caramel on my tongue, it's the sound of classic video games playing in the background, it's the music in my ears while I lay on the grass under the tree during warm summer day, and the most important happiness for me is the fact that I am still standing and thriving after everything that I have experience, to still be alive and make an impact in this world no matter how small.


Here's to discover more definition of happiness in the future! Cheers! 🍻