Day 8 : Who is My Best Friend

    Today's writing is about best friend. For this one I am just gonna write down what are the materials of a best friend (according to me!). Although I am pretty sure some of the "traits" I mentioned will be universal means that everybody will have the same opinion but none the less it's still according to me.


    Here's what I want my best friend to be/to have:


  1. My best friend is someone who can always see the best in me but never forget to put me down to earth. I like to have someone that I can rely on sometimes, that always cheering on me, but at the same time reminding me if I went off track.
  2. My best friend is someone who can fight me. They should have the honesty whenever they are with me and have the courage to show me my mistakes.
  3. Sometimes having best friends who is the opposite of you really makes the relationship more interesting and fulfilling. You will never get bored as long as you can keep good communication between each other.
  4. I like that my best friend knows almost everything about me but at the same time they are not nosy. They will not pry into my personal stuff when I am not sharing it with them.
  5. I want my best friend to have the same understanding of a relationship as me. That relationship is not only about give and take but also about having the same "value". He/she should understand that the effort to keep the relationship alive is not fall to one party only. Both of the party needs to give the same amount of effort as what they want to receive.
  6. Be completely unfiltered and uncensored. I want my best friend know that they can talk about anything with me without any hesitation. 
  7. They can bring out the best of you. I like when they "challenge" me and basically having us vs the world moments.
  8. They don't afraid to make mistakes and when they do, they are showing efforts to make things right.


    And the most important thing, they don't disappear for a couple years without any words and suddenly showing up out of the blue thinking that everything is still the same and kinda expect I will still give them the same amount of attention. Ugh! This one is the worst.


    That's my takes of what makes a best friend according to me. What's yours?


Cheers! 🍻