Day 7 : My Favorite Movie


    When it comes to talk about favorite movie, I am pretty straight froward, even though I am not sure if people can guess my favorite one despite knowing that I really like heartfelt and drama movies. I will go to the nostalgic things in a second and yes it is an old movie. It's a 90s movie. It's the first Jurassic Park movie by Steven Spielberg in 1993 and yes it's a dinosaur movie!


    Why this movie? Okay, hear me out. I can understand if those under 25 didn't find this movie appealing enough since after 2000s CGI playing such a big role in a sci-fi/fantasy film. Now with the addition of motion capture in the film industry, the use of animatronics and physical effect like this is very rare. But if you think that back in the days, in the early 90s, Spielberg and the team already capable of making such an iconic movie that still looks AMAZING even when you watch it 30 years later. The fact that this movie still looks that good without a heavy usage of CGI is something that still amazed me up to this day. side note: I strongly believe Jurassic Park still looks 100x better than a bunch of CGI dinosaur movie released in the past 5-10 years.  


    Apart for the technicality, growing up I was a giant dinosaur nerd. Yes, I was a dino kid. I collect all those dinosaur figures and my favorite thing is reading all the books about the dinosaur. So you have this dino loving kid and you give him his first dinosaur movie? That's the perfect formula for his favorite movie ever. There you got reason number two why Jurassic Park is my favorite movie.


    I was too young to watch it by the time it released on the cinema. I think I watched it five or six years later via home video. Probably still too young but I watched it anyway and boy I really love the movie! And let's just ignore the fact that the famous velociraptor scene on the kitchen scared the hell out of me and gave me couple days of anxiety afterwards, not to mention those gruesome death scenes by a giant mean eating lizards.


    As a movie, in my personal opinion, this movie exuding big iconic movie vibe. From the impeccable cast, great screenplay adaption, awesome technical team, and amazing soundtrack, this movie is really up there as the greatest movie ever produced in history. I still can't get over the overwhelming joy while watching the first time Alan and Ellie had their jaw dropped to the floor by seeing a live dinosaur for the first time. Ooh.. I still got chills whenever I watch that scene and I am not ashamed to say that hearing the Jurassic Park theme by John William can bring me to tears.


    If by now you still haven't watched this movie for any reason, I implore you, go watch this on the the gems of 90s cinema.


P.S: this movie is based on a horror novel with the same title 'Jurassic Park' by Michael Crichton. Yes, it is a HORROR novel and the movie does a good job censoring even more gruesome and horrible deaths from the novel.


 Cheers! 🍻