Day 11 : Talk about My Sibling

    Today I am gonna write about my only sibling, my sister. She's three years older than me. My sister and I have a pretty good relationship, I would say. Despite having occasional fights and arguments, interesting enough my friends and my sister friends called our sibling relationship is borderline abnormal just because we are nice to each other. We still help each other and we keep each other's back. And it's been like this as long as we remember. It's super weird to me and my sister when we heard that because we think that it's totally normal to be nice to your sibling, right? I don't know on which version of earth they are living but sadly it seems that they don't really have that kind of relationship with their sibling.


    Like I said, even though we are so nice to each other, doesn't mean that it's all sunshine and rainbows for us. We do had our fair share of thunder and storm as well, especially in our adult life. See the thing is, my sister is the typical super kind older sister that wants to take care of everything. I partly blame her maternal instinct for that. While I am the type of "leave me alone I can take care myself" and we can see it's already doesn't get along very well LOL


    If you are ever get sick, my sister is the type of person who will give you whatever your need for your recovery. She will be happily cooked your favorite meals. She will make sure you are well fed and doing okay every single day. She's really a mother material. And it such an irony that her little brother grew to be such a person who wants to take care of himself as much as he could so over attention sometimes annoyed him. Haha. But worry not, if that's happen usually I will just take her to eat out in the restaurant and let her choose the place.


    At the end of the day, I love my sister no matter what. No matter how many fights, how many fall outs and reconnect, she's the only family I have left. I wish for all the happiness in this world to be at her vicinity. I used to try so hard to "make" her leave her "bad" habits (according to myself) and try to "fix" her view of the world and how ones should behave. After one big fight couple years ago, I realized it's just who she is. It's how she grew up to be. She's mature enough to choose her own lifestyle and habit. So now instead of opposing her too much, I became more accepting and try to find more of our middle grounds. Sometimes it really sucks being an adult because you have to figure out things like thing on your own. LOL. And if only I can ask her to stop worrying to much of her little brother, that would be awesome too! Haha! But for the time being, I'll just stop complaining and let her do her thing. 😛