Day 9 : The Power of Music


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    Do people believe it? Or some just pretend that it is not real?


    In my opinion, people would probably said yes. They know that music has power, but I doubt that all of them know or understand how big it is or to what extent? I would think that most of the people would said, yes the music in a movie or certain classical music can evoke certain kind of feeling or convey certain emotion. While it is completely true, I believe it is more than that and it’s bigger than just "conveying emotion or feeling"


    Over the past couple years, I have been listening to this amazing podcast about the world of sound around us, called "Twenty Thousand Hertz" by Dallas Taylor. I'll put the link below so you guys can also listen. By listening to this podcast, I've been sucked to another level of realization that sound and music play such a huge part in our hearing world, assuming we are the hearing creature. Music and sound is capable to help in constructing reality, giving identity, and even deliver information. And for so long, I feel many people give credit to only those grandeur classical pieces but yet to realize that "I am loving it" tunes from McDonalds is as iconic as Für Elise. Might be not on the same level but still, I bet you cannot remember any McDonalds jingle before the iconic tunes comes to fruition. No matter where you are, when you hear that specific tunes you absolutely know that it is McDonalds. It is what Dallas Taylor and his team called with "Sonic Identity".


    Another source that got me really fascinated with the world of sound and music is this video by Scruffy about sound design in one of the greatest video game ever created, The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild. Scruffy explains on that video about 'invisible sound design'. So in this game you will see that the sound and the music is there not only to accompany the gameplay but more to complete the experience of the game. Instead of putting just beautiful music, the sound design team create something more believable. Something that the user will instantly recognize that they are in the elements when they are playing it.


  If this doesn't convince you enough to believe in the power of music and sound, well.. That's a shame. Maybe we should really start to feel more grateful of the little music and sounds around us that usually easily overlooked. Because without them, our world is really an empty one.


Cheers! 🍻 



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