Day 12 : Favorite TV Show

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    When talking about favorite TV series, I have a mixed feeling about it. Cause what I feel about my favorite tv series for the the longest time now might not be my favorite anymore. Due to relevancy and the after taste post-series. Also, since anime is aired on the television as well, should anime series be considered as tv series too? So, instead of telling you just one, I'll just gonna mention a couple of my favorite series and why I like those series. Starting with


  • Glee (2009)

Okay. Save up your judgement for yourself for now. Cause I know how problematic Glee become in the last couple years, and quite unusual that the backlash and dislikes of the series intensifies when it already ended. People really likes to pick the bones of things, don't they? But I am not gonna mention any of that. What I really like about Glee is they are allowed me to see and learn things that I can't get it from my environment. As an asian kid who got really connected with western teaching and mindset, Glee gave me that sense of 'clicked.' Glee taught me it's okay to like what you like, to be different, to be brave in facing your fears, looking out to your friends. They show me the idea of 'individuality.' apart from that, come one, Glee is dominating music charts and stream for quite amount of years without getting dethroned and got the most hits than anyone in the history. Don't get mad but this is my hot takes: Glee cover often times better than the original! LOL! So I love Glee for giving me the fun during my high school years towards the young adult era of mine, perfectly like the series itself showing the glory of high school years and finding your first step into adulthood. Like I always said before, to me Glee is like my old friend. We are growing up together (literally, the time for the series couldn't be more fitting). It's like we're actually going to school at the same time, graduate at the same time, and start to face the real 'world' together. No matter what bad things might come after, whenever I look back to this series, I always see that sweet nostalgia of memories with this series.



  • Sense8 (2015)

This series reignite the sparks of watching a thrilling and exciting series for me. It's an adult series and having restricted theme such as violence, sex, and nudity. Not to mention about the strong LGBT theme on this series. If I can recommend one series on Netflix that everyone should watch, it's gonna be this series. The creator of this series are the Wachowskis and Michael Straczynski, the same who created The Matrix movies. This series is really ahead of its time I must say, with the breakthrough premise and boldly showcasing sexuality in the 'mainstream' US series. Why? Cause in my opinion this series got everything. You'll get action, drama, romance, mystery, thriller all in one series. There a bunch of the most touching and heartwarming moments, there's many many action scenes, and also ahem so many sexy and steamy scenes that makes you look around and make sure nobody watches you watching the particular scene (cue the secondhand embarrassment duh!). It is really a fun and addictive show to watch and binge of course. It's the type of series that you watch while don't think about it too much just enjoy the action, the drama, the silliness and the quirkiness of the show. It's a sci-fi series after all and the series definitely doesn't need to explain everything to make it 'believable' or 'make sense' in order to make the series compelling. Even though I understand some people might find this unappealing at all because of its queer theme. The only thing I regret for this series is Netflix dropped this gem just after two seasons and force the creator to close the series with a two hour movie instead of continuing to the third season. But either way, it's just a fun sci-fi series to watch.



  • Attack on Titan (2013)

This is not my most favorite anime of all time because usually I like heartwarming and slice of life anime, but this series DESERVED to be in my TOP 5 of most favorite anime of all time. Forget about those shounen anime tropes and stereotypes cause this anime will surely give you none or if it's exist, it's just a really small part of it. What other anime fills you with grieve and leave you hanging feeling despair at the end of first episode?? Yeah, only this anime. Instead, this anime will give you angst, despair, hope, betrayals, conflicts, friendship, and what is it to be human. The writing of Mr. Isayama on the manga really one of a kind. Watching this series I do feel like I am watching a live action series with the real human actors instead of 2D animation. They're able to 'humanize' every characters on this series down to its core and really makes the world 'believable' and you're subconsciously think that these humans and stories do exist. No other anime makes me wanna go to an all-out war and fight for my freedom and life. This anime raise it to the next level in my opinion. I always think that anime with 'heavy stuff' and dark story is boring and less exciting to watch but boy can I be more wrong of that? Because Attack on Titan, despite dealing with the story of humanity, they are able to tell the story in the more exciting way. The way that might surprise you. They are not wrong when they called Attack of Titan is the' Game of Throne' of anime. It is because spoiler alert: death is everywheeeeerree! 😂😭 


    So those three of my favorite TV series. Now tell me yours!


Cheers! 🍻